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The Expert Collides with The Great Questioning

Dec 22, 2021 | Daily Trek, HeartPickings

Expert - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Our Current World Values the Expert

Sure, if our car is dead, we may want to get a top-notch expert mechanic to help us get to the root cause of the failure. But maybe our battery is simply dead and our neighbor can replace it for us? Does that make her an expert on cars? Would we accept her offer for help or insist on paying for the expert in the field?

We live in a world of experts where everyone has an opinion on everything, including how we are meant to live our lives. Someone outside ourselves (society) believes they know what’s best for us. And up until now, we’ve trusted them with not only our cars but our lives.

There are experts in social media. Experts in health. Experts in cryptocurrency. Experts in new age spirituality. Experts in plant medicine. Experts in sports. Experts in mechanics. Experts in science. Experts in leadership. Experts in real estate. Experts in the environment. Experts in aviation. Experts in education. Experts in business. Experts in non-profits. Experts in childcare. Experts in media. Experts in book publishing. Experts in mindfulness, yoga and meditation. Experts in aliens. Experts in entertainment. Experts in public service. And the list goes on and on.

Bruce Lee, renowned martial artist and founder of the martial art Jeet Kune Do, was an artist who pursued truth and beauty using his physical and emotional body as art. While an expert in martial arts, he shared:

“By martial art I mean, like any art, an unrestricted expression of our individual soul . . . The human soul is what interests me. I live to express myself freely in creation.”

The Expert Meets The Great Questioning

We are surrounded by experts in every field and the truth of the matter is during the last few years, we have witnessed that no one knows much of anything. And so it’s not surprising that what some call The Great Resignation is truly the Great Questioning that is unfolding as we face one of the most significant times in human history. There is no going back to normal or allowing someone outside ourselves to tell us what and who is healthy for us.

Sure, the social media experts, for example, will advise us to continue to broadcast and get people’s attention. But pioneers and visionaries on the edges are not following suit; understanding that the way forward is to shift from activity and transactions to impact, which means building solid, trusted relationships that matter. Being liked is no longer relevant as we choose to connect deeply with ourselves and each other. In this world, no one is offended and there is no reason to blame or shame anyone. Our energy is invested in creating what we need; not fighting to be right.

Some days we may get so stuck in the hamster wheel (which can easily happen) that we forget we have choices. There are so many opportunities available now, and the key question to ask is, do I allow fear to hold me back, or do I trek into the unknown with curiosity?

There is No Magic Button in Real Life

It takes conscious awareness that involves dedication and persistence in learning. No one is here to save you from yourself—that is your unpaid job. At the same time, you can become aware of people who can support you in healthy ways.

There are many amazing developments and opportunities in our chaotic world that you can only see when you start controlling the volume dial on the never-ending noise streaming into your life. We are seeing the start of conscious businesses, healthier news sources, ways to have more open dialogue, alternative education, and leaders focused more on people than profit.

Who do you want to work with? Where do you want to play? What are your questions? Are you willing to go deep inside yourself and listen to the whispers of your heart?

The more you fight the current system, the more you lose. When you get real with the opportunities in front of you and create, you will evolve into a healthier existence. It is already happening on the edges with seven percent of the eight billion people on the planet (180 million people).

Imagine a world of curious artists, like Bruce Lee, experimenting and playing with creations. What art are you choosing to practice?

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