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Hijack-Free Zone

Feb 23, 2023 | Daily Trek, Unlearn

Hijack Free Zone - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

The Hijack

In the past few decades, certain words and beliefs have been hijacked. And many feel lost and disconnected from a greater purpose. Remember when we were told that this was the “Me Me Me” era? Well, it seems that many of us have forgotten that we are part of something much bigger than ourselves.

It’s no wonder that we’re feeling a bit lost right now. Giving back, for example, instructs us that we took something and now we must return it. How did we lose sight of the natural flow of give and take? And why is receiving now associated with a fear of being controlled, overwhelmed, or smothered?

How did we get to a point where giving comprises tax write-offs in a world where philanthropists are the new celebrities? We’ve constructed a world where, when our governments fail, philanthropists step in to save us from ourselves by offering up sizable donations—at which point, we further celebrate their generosity. After all, too often we forget that we made them billionaires by consuming their brands.

Their philanthropy legitimize them as our heroes, which takes the focus away from scrutinizing their practices and whether they’re truly healthy for the world. Why should we believe that a billionaire’s “charity” reflects what is needed most by the vast majority of humanity? Why doesn’t every mother, anywhere in the world, simply have access to safe birthing facilities and support? When we will understand that no one outside ourselves can save us?

What We Think, We Become

Can we create a hijack-free zone, where we can simply share and give without the expectation of recognition or reward? What if this whole division between for-profit and non-profit has also been hijacked?

And should we not create healthy systems where we don’t refer to people as the “haves” and “have nots.” And distinguish between first and third world countries? There is something foundationally flawed in our existing systems and a reason why they are collapsing.

Can we create a world where purpose is not hijacked by external forces, where giving is done with pure intentions, and where financial struggles are not a barrier?

When we’re in our natural element, we can breathe and see the programming and beliefs that have been planted in our minds about how life should be. But what if we become aware that it’s time to find alignment within ourselves and listen and question when we need to?

Isn’t it amazing how much can change when we are honest with ourselves and truly grounded? It’s like being in flow with nature, experiencing everything without numbing our senses with external addictions.

Trees don’t fight dandelions, and winter isn’t at war with spring.

Anthony De Mello shares, “Do you know where wars come from? They come from projecting outside of us the conflict that is inside. Show me an individual in whom there is no inner self-conflict and I’ll show you an individual in whom there is no violence. There will be effective, even hard, action in him, but no hatred.”

Hijack-Free Contentment

We have been told human happiness is like a mountain peak, which we conquer if we figure out how to remain there without slipping. And when we are excessively fixated on happiness as our goal, we sacrifice living in the present for a postponed, anticipated reward. As a result, we become incapable of handling adversity. And miss the valuable lessons life offers us at evert moment, which include grief and sadness.

Happiness has been hijacked as the ultimate goal of life, and many of us compare ourselves to the material success of others. However, an increasing number of us are finding freedom in having fewer material possessions. Our understanding of what makes us happy is shifting as we become more aware of what makes us sad and empty as well.

Does acquiring material possessions truly give us joy? What if we become aware of the expectations we set upon ourselves and question whether they are actually our own?

We can create hijack-free zone as environments where we freely express ourselves without being derailed by outside influences or agendas. We think critically, question assumptions, and are open to new perspectives without fear of manipulation or coercion.

Purpose is real, and it’s what naturally sparks our hearts. Isn’t it time to break down the walls and experiment in how we create together around what ignites our souls? What if we truly decide to make healthy choices, which are way simpler than we’ve been led to believe?

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