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No One Can Predict Our Future

Dec 9, 2022 | Daily Trek, Inspiration

No One Can Predict the Future - Ayelet Baron - Radical Trekking

Predict the Future?

No one can predict our future. But we can create the present and lay the foundation for what’s next. When we purchase a plot of land, it will remain much the same until we decide what we want to actualize on it. It takes imagination, experimentation and a deep desire to create to make things real. 

Choices continue to be the theme for 2022, as well as sharpened discernment. When we are aware that there is still so much to explore. These are the most exciting times in human history when we reduce our fear and allow it to transform into a healthy energy of curiosity and creation. 

There are a lot of people who predict trends for 2023 as we end one year and jump into the next. And it is only how we choose to react that makes them real or nonsensical in our own lives.

Massive changes are taking place but instead of feeding into hysteria, it is up to us to be clear about what we want to construct on our land. It is our life after all. 

Brands create new products and fear around the old to stay in business. There are never ending growth targets to meet. Speakers need more gigs and have their menu of disruptions and predictions to feed audiences. We are seeing “Uncertainty Experts” popping up to help us become more resilient. For every problem, there is a hammer. 

When we no longer buy into needing the next big thing or hype, everything changes. When we remember we created Artificial Intelligence (AI), we integrate it where it makes sense—we don’t let it overtake our lives and we don’t fear it.

Change is in the Air

And most importantly, when we become fully aware that we are simply part of the Nature, we expect change and flow. There is an actual evolution that intelligent humans can create—from horse and buggy to cars; from modems to wireless routers; from whatever we imagine to whatever it can evolve to when we experiment.

Newer is not always better. Stuffing ourselves with more is not always healthy. 

We may have painful entanglements that it’s time to release. We may have been loyal to people who no longer deserve our loyalty. Because we understand that we no longer do anything at our own expense. And when we let go of attachments, we no longer weigh ourselves down. The past does not predict the future. 

Maybe this season we can appreciate ourselves enough to take a few deep breaths and walk the land? Perhaps we can imagine one small shift that will bring us enough joy? 

Imagine what can happen when we let go of the need to stay ahead and instead, just be here right now. Perhaps it’s time to be honest with ourselves and ask for what we need. Not everyone will like it but it will show us what we’re each truly made of when we’re real. 

This journey we’re on is not about predicting the future but about co-creating it with some signposts and milestones to consider. As no two journeys are the same, it is up to each of us to create meaning about where we are and where we are headed. And to know in our hearts that absolutely nothing is impossible when we tap into our deepest questions. 

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