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Sunday Reflection

Aug 28, 2022 | Daily Trek, Unlearn

Sunday Reflection - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

In this time of reflection, it is neither about the lens of good or bad nor right or wrong. It is only about what is hidden and needs to come to light. And our ability to face illusions and delusions so we can live healthy lives

There are some ancient books and teachings warning and instructing us not to worship false idols and prophets. And right now, some of us are questioning our belief systems and whether they are actually our own.

Maybe we have put our trust in someone else’s guidance or followed a path that led us astray? Perhaps the experts and those claiming to have wisdom are not as righteous as they led us to believe? Maybe they say the right things but these are just meaningless words?

A reflection of who we trust is key. Trusting untrustworthy people often makes us feel disappointed, deceived or taken in. Because we truly wanted them to be who they say they are.  

Perhaps there is a possibility that the source of wisdom and knowing we seek is within us and our own ability to navigate our life?

Maybe this is the exact moment for deep reflection as we come face to face with ourselves?

Our biggest opportunity right now is to trust our hearts and tap into our vast imagination. 

Our reflection allows us to experience the world around us with an expansive vision. Because we can see clearly that we have meaningful choices to make.

Let’s not let anything or anyone get in our way as we become centered on why we are herefrom raising healthy children to leading businesses to loving. What matters most is our ability to transform our reflections to intentions and actions that sustain us in healthy ways.

There is so much for us to create now. Reflection allows us to pause and not rush through life. Because there is no destination; just life itself.

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