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Big Shift: From Conformity to Understanding the Root Cause

Jan 21, 2022 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

Root Cause of Suffering - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Can We Get to the Root Cause?

The last few years have been a time where burnout, illness, disease, viruses and other health-related issues made the headlines every day. The state of our physical and mental bodies have been the focus of the 24/7 breaking news cycle. What is fascinating is that we have focused more on human illness and have not necessarily gone to the root cause of what is causing our suffering, apart from blaming technology for our woes.

We are quick to find frameworks, experts and even life coaches to help us get better. But unless we go to the root and understand what is causing our dis-ease, we will continue to solve problems and never truly heal. Aldous Huxley in his book Brave New World Revisited reminds us that “Man is not made to be an automaton, and if he becomes one, the basis for mental health is destroyed.”

The only way to get to the root cause of anything is through a timeless technology called: questioning, which allows us to listen to our heartbeat and trust our ability to question and listen.

Questioning Everything

We continue to create organizations that reward and celebrate the charismatic, and often, sociopathic, leaders at the helm in politics, business and even, some charitable organizations. In a world of leaders (and now influencers) and followers, charisma, ego and power are out of control.

There are deep divisions that cause us to segment the haves from the have nots. Division, not wholeness, is at the root of our sick systems and institutions, which have become self-serving machines.

Who is reporting on the sick organizations and leaders of the world that may be making our bodies ill as well? And, why have we been taught to trust untrustworthy leaders who never had our best interest at heart?

And we can’t blame them either as they are simply following the manual of how to be a successful leader. It instructs them that the more toxic they are, the more success they will have. And they simply follow the recipes and best practices they feast on.

Becoming Aware of the Root Cause Takes Courage

There’s not a lot of questioning going on within the status quo where the cost of fitting in speaks volumes in needless suffering. But the tides are turning when we become aware of our opportunities.

What is far more curious is that a few of us (about seven percent of the eight billion people on this planet) are going to the root and questioning everything at a much deeper level. Why? Because we know that when we go to the root cause, we will be able to break free from the problem-solution reality, which keeps us trapped repeating our history, over and over. Conforming is no longer a choice we make.

Is it time to ask yourself the questions that need to be asked? When you go inside yourself and understand what and who is toxic and healthy for your own well-being, you will uncover the root of what is causing any needless suffering. And some of it will definitely be tied to any dis-ease in your physical and mental body. It’s all connected.

What happens when our value is at the heart of everything? What choices would we make? Where would we shop? What would we consume? Would we made different choices if we knew that the people making our clothes were treated no better than slave labor, for example? Where would we choose to work and with who?  Would we continue to reward and celebrate billionaires, philanthropists and celebrities? Would we continue to apply band-aid solutions when the patient (the organization) is dying and on life support?

What happens when we get in touch with the source of everything and make healthy choices for ourselves before needing to fix or save someone else? What happens to our community and world when our own roots are healthy and thriving?

There is another way. A big shift happens when we become aware that our path forward is deeply connected to the root of everything.

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