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‘This is How It’s Done’

Aug 7, 2023 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

'This is How It is Done' - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Sometimes we hear, “this is how it’s done.” This path is old. Others made these rules before us. But thinking this way can trap us. It stifles new ideas, creativity, and curiosity.

We often aim for success and fear failure. But what if success and failure didn’t control us? What if we could be free from these old beliefs?

Art? Picasso didn’t just paint by numbers. He dared to be different. He created new art. If he hadn’t, we’d have missed something extraordinary.

Tech? Phones were standard. Steve Jobs and his team experimented. Now, we have smart devices in a world needing more human intelligence to truly connect us. Will we dare?

Medicine? Cancer seemed unbeatable. Scientists and doctors used to follow old methods. They could have stayed that way. But some thought differently. They tried new things. Now we have a number of new treatments for cancer, including immunotherapy. It’s life changing.

Currency? Money was paper and metal. Now, communities are creating local currencies to exchange value. We can decide what money means to us. Do we live to work or work to live, or maybe pioneer a whole new healthy path?

Agriculture? We used to farm one way. We saw land as separate pieces. But then came bioregional weaving. Some farmers saw patterns. They connected land, cities, and water. They dreamed better ways by feeling the land’s needs. Now, they create coherence and heal landscapes. It’s new. It’s daring. And it’s so needed.

Traditions can guide us. They make us strong. But we shouldn’t hold on too tight. We might crush new ideas.

So let’s question and explore. “This is how it’s done” can be a stepping stone, not a stop sign. Let’s not accept things as they are. Let’s experiment with healthy new paths.

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