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What’s Your Story Line?

Mar 9, 2024 | Daily Trek, HeartPickings

What's Your Story Line? - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

When we are living a story line, it’s not always simple to see outside of it. Often a major life event—from illness to loss—stops us in our track. But instead of understanding the depth of the lesson, we turn to prevention, without looking at the root cause.

We begin fighting the very thing that made us sick or experience a loss. And it becomes exhausting. We may meet people along the way who are in the same boat as us and feel validated. But we stay stuck in that reality; until we choose a path less traveled path that is ours.

Some of us are busy excavating right now. By looking at our attachments from beliefs to habits, we begin to understand and become aware of what is ours and what is not. We can see where our true fears, motives, beliefs and ancestral traumas live rent free in our minds. And instead of ignoring or bypassing them, we question what is  truly ours.

Because when you choose to go to the root and source, there is a stark difference. You consciously eliminate anything that is no longer true for you; no one else.

But when billions of people around us live vicariously online, we don’t need to always join in on the latest trend. Because we are no longer immersed in a world where we need to question what is real and what is fake. We no longer swallow whole-made up theories and beliefs. And it’s not about a detox or choosing someone else’s promises.

The truth is that our natural world is beautiful But it is us who created a world of fake images, photoshopping, a thriving beauty industry advertising happiness and success, virtue signaling, botox, processed food, irrational fear, disinformation, psychopaths running the asylum and a need to embrace the artificial over the natural. And by the way, it is our ancestors, and us, who created taxes and support the current governance systems. And also the deepening divides—from who is enlightened and awake to who is hated and feared.

That’s why integrity and authenticity are calling us to question. Because when we no longer blame or judge, we begin to create. We ask what is it we actually need? We stop going to gatherings that focus on our problems and fighting the systems. And we begin to connect and create with other opportunity-creators behind the scenes.

By excavating deeply, we no longer seek external validation or the spotlight. Because we no longer need anyone outside ourselves to tell us how amazing we truly are.

It helps to question ourselves and ask questions like, where do I find that I am not living in integrity with myself? And, maybe what is healthy for my wellbeing—where I am pretending to be liked or accepted? And why is that important?

Practicing radical honesty with yourself helps you create your own story line. Maybe we are not here to change anyone else. Seeing through our own distortion releases us from our subconscious cave and lets out us to experience the natural sunshine, and the rain, inside and outside.

This is an opportunity to move toward wholeness and awareness, and away for dis-ease. Because when we compromise our truth, we are out of balance and wobbly.

This is what it means to be fully present and alive. No more second guessing when you get to experience, fall down, get up and go in whatever direction your seven-year old self nudges you to explore.

Disengaging from what keeps you stuck is a gift you give yourself when you are ready to explore a story line of integrity. Maybe something wild and unknown is waiting to be unleashed? And when you go deep, you experience an unpredictable, exciting, disorienting and unknown ride that is a mirror of your true self. No artificial sweeteners required on this trek.

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