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Flux in December 2022

Nov 27, 2022 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

Flux This December 2022 - Ayelet Baron - Radical Trekking

Flux and Change This December

We continue on a path of flux as we face ourselves, our choices and each other. And people’s true selves are emerging right in front of us. Not much stays hidden as victims and villains emerge in full force in old world dramas and traumas on the world stage and in our own lives.

It is much easier for many to choose to be victims who blame, shame and judge. And to get people to side with them in outrage. But many of us have simply had enough of putting up with this destructive energy. There is no longer a need to be outraged or offended when we care for ourselves and each other by simply showing up. Love is an energy; not a slogan to be tossed around.

December is an opportunity to see through these stories and say enough. Not everyone will want to quit their drama or story. But for those courageous enough, this is a time to create healthier relationships; any way we choose. That’s what trekking into the unknown is all about. We no longer just talk about love, we embody its energy.

So expect heartbreaks along the way as people show us who they truly are through actions; not words. And we no longer need to suck it up and play along. Freedom takes courage.

As we have experienced in previous months leading to this December, things may not be as they appear. And we continue to learn that seeing through veils and bullshit is an art form.

Being in Flux Means Flowing

This is also a month of unpredictability where we find ourselves in motion and flux. We may think we are heading in one direction and all of a sudden, we will find ourselves in unexpected crossroads.

By doing our work in 2022 and making discerning choices, we are fully aware that we are in charge and that our choices matter.

Instead of being caught in stories, we have an opportunity to make some big decisions this month. The question is: what are we leaving behind by closing doors that lead nowhere? And, which windows are we ready to open and explore?

We are learning to let go and transform. And at the same time, we are also fully aware that everything takes effort. We get many opportunities to practice. While we may find ourselves in sticky situations, we understand we don’t have t stay here. We get to flow with healthy intention. 

By asking questions and being in our rhythm, we understand where we may need a fresh start and we get this month to slowly uncover our answers. We will have opportunities to learn to put ourselves first and live a life we want to create—not what others expect of us.  

The Frequency of Flux

There is a frequency that more of us will become aware of in which we value that connection is at the heart of everything. And it begins with a deep connection to ourselves, our physical environment and only then to each other. No matter how much change we may face, we are the only ones to create order in the chaos. And our ability to discern and let go of people who cannot show up for us is foundational. And quite honestly, so many need to show up for themselves first. 

Whether it’s personal boundaries, claiming our power, or getting grounded in our physicality, this is a time to shift from unhealthy situations and people to healthy living.

December is about making conscious choices about whether to suffer or thrive. We cannot carry the weight for the world or someone else’s pain any longer. It’s not ours. Everyone is given an equal opportunity to do our inner work. And we can let go of fear by making conscious choices.  

And as 2022 has shown each of us, knowing we can make a choice makes all the difference. With awareness, we see when our own resistance prevails or where a healthy beginning is waiting for us. Freeing ourselves from stories and dramas takes curiosity and courage. It may not be easy but our wellbeing depends on it. Genuine value over quantity begins to emerge as a theme in our life this month as meaning guides us.

Our Opportunities

The end of this year is a huge opportunity to release, clear and make space for possibilities—new people, experiences, moments, beginnings and space. And we may take a few rollercoaster rides on the way. Remember when someone is attacking us or taking sides that it’s not our circus and definitely not our monkeys. And there is no need for gossip or being right where we’re headed as it keeps us in a state of judgement, playing the same stories over and over. 

And this is why we end 2022 with making discerning choices. Are we mindful and conscious of who we bring into our life? Where does our guidance come from—do we stay trapped in external conditioning of how life should be, for example, or are we listening to our hearts? Where is any source of any discomfort or pain coming from? Do we want to continue dragging our baggage around and slinging mud at each other?  

Will the external world continue to be unstable, nutty and chaotic? Will we experience more people in pain blaming, shaming and judging? Most likely. But we get to choose how we react. And which doors to close forever. There is a world without sides emerging; where instead of needing to be right, we are healthy. It is very hard for people who are hanging on to pain to shift and see that there is another way. But it is here right now.

We can choose to tap into our resourceful and curious hearts to navigate. We can see opportunities and get excited by our imagination. Who wants to continue to live in the mundane, pain and hurt when we can focus on what’s possible and create it? Everything is here waiting for us. 

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