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Unleashing Human Intelligence

Oct 3, 2023 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

Human Intelligence - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Human Intelligence is A Powerful Source

Here’s the thing: Human Intelligence (HI) holds the real power. It guides AI, not the other way around. But people often praise AI as the peak of digital progress. We have integrated AI everywhere, from guiding cars to suggesting your next favorite song. Sure, AI has the power to make life easier in many ways.

But who makes AI possible? People write the code, set the scope, and define what it supports or enhances. Take fitness apps. AI sorts through your data to recommend workout plans. But human intelligence can teach the algorithm what a healthy plan looks like.

Now, let’s dive into healthcare. While AI can sift through medical records to forecast potential health issues—which is certainly radical—it falls short in one critical area: human touch. Conscious nurses and doctors bring essential qualities like compassion and understanding to healthcare. These human elements often tip the scales in favor of a person’s recovery. Personal connection matters a lot in healthcare, even more so for mental wellbeing.

What about ethics? Take facial recognition in public spaces. AI can spot a face in a crowd instantly. But who sets the rules? Who decides what’s okay and what crosses the line? People do. We can hold discussions, make decisions, and ensure ethical use of any technology. But not everyone is ethical and that also takes human intelligence. Technology is not evil; we need conscious human intelligence at the helm. Never giving away our power.

Social media isn’t the real culprit; it’s how we’ve used it that’s problematic. We’ve built platforms for broadcasting and advertising, not genuine connections. This shift has fueled a culture obsessed with followers and influencers, breeding grounds for bullying. We ignore other aspects that deserve our attention.

But the question is, where is our human intelligence in a world where an “influencer” like MrBeast has more than 300 million followers, a fan base nearly as large as the US population; earning $82M for what? This is not a creator economy but the same celebrity consumer mindset that keeps us divided and trapped.

AI and technology can be exciting when integrated. But the core elements of humanity—creativity, ethics, emotional connection—stand unmatched. And in our love affair with AI, human intelligence (HI) needs to be seen as revolutionary; not the technology.

So, as we move into this advanced digital landscape, remember: AI is a tool we use, not a force that uses us. HI designs this new world, blending technology to serve human needs and enrich our lives.

Human Intelligence (HI) is the root of all technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI). It’s like the soil that grows the tree; without it, there wouldn’t be any advancements to speak of. Yet, the excitement around AI eclipses the importance of the very human intelligence that created it.

This could be because AI offers scales of speed and computation that exceed human capacity. But it’s vital not to forget that every line of code, every algorithm, and every piece of hardware traces back to human thought, creativity, and skill. HI is the starting point, and any discussion about the future of intelligence, artificial or otherwise, ought to recognize that.

Human intelligence isn’t just another player; it’s the foundation of each of us—mind and heart. We tap into our power as creators and see the genius in our ability to harmonize technology with the unique aspects of humanity—like trust, relationships and community—to foster a thriving, healthy world.

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