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AI Perception

Apr 11, 2023 | Conscious Communication, Daily Trek

AI Perception - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Is Perception Reality?

While the perception is that the world is going nuts over Artificial Intelligence (AI), not everyone cares.

And instead of talking about how we integrate technology we value into healthy lives, there is so much fear associated with it. But the truth of the matter is this fear has been around for a very long time.

AI perception is surfacing in the mainstream now. And anyone who is being pulled by AI is offering an opinion or seven. Every day more books, workshops, and gurus are popping up everywhere to help us master AI. But we can buy into the fear or not.

Two technologies that were integrated into daily life without much fanfare were texting/SMS and instant messaging. Even those who didn’t use technology were drawn in. Parents got cell phones to stay in touch with their kids. These devices added value as simple communication tools.

Algorithms have also been around for ages, but human intelligence is even more ancient. We can trust our senses and make healthy choices when we listen to our heartbeat.

Perception Can Shift

Automation began in the 1960s and now includes bots. Most people don’t like automated customer service, but the chatbot market is estimated to reach $10.5 billion by 2026. It is here as long as our perception is that we have no alternative and this is how business is done.

In a world that worships productivity, having AI drive efficiencies and scalability may be a benefit and a stress taken off humans. What if AI can help us learn how to respond to natural disasters? There are people looking at how it can help with forest fire prevention.

One challenge with AI is that it replicates our world with all its biases and beliefs. ChatGPT, for example, is biased and based on past data. It admits its limitations, saying it’s not up-to-date and doesn’t have personal experiences or opinions. And there are multiple other platforms emerging to help us make videos, for examples, where we author the scripts. AI simply automates the process so we can focus on imagining and creating.

What’s Possible?

Imagine if we stopped the insanity and programmed AI to automate mundane tasks that free us to create what is needed most. Imagine parents having an opportunity to spend quality time with children and engaging in play and dialogue?

So, why the fear? AI is not capable of creating anything new that is not based on something that already exists. As an AI language model, it has zero imagination or curiosity.

Even AI character platforms should be approached with a grain of salt. I “chatted” with AI versions of Socrates and Plato, only to find they adopted New Age ideas, even falling for the shadows on the wall of the cave. Similarly, a fictional conversation with Elon Musk about his hope for humanity was entertaining.

Do we choose to remain rooted in reality? Let’s pay attention to AI platforms’ warnings: “Remember: Everything characters say is made up.” Perhaps a billion-dollar valuation for one company stems from our tendency to role-play and pretend.

What role does personal responsibility play in staying grounded, harnessing our power, and making discerning decisions for our wellbeing? After all, the hype of a new shiny object is always around the bend. How we respond is up to each of us.

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