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Stepping In

Nov 29, 2022 | Daily Trek, Inspiration

Stepping In - Ayelet Baron - Radical Trekking

Stepping In

Stepping in our power means trusting our hearts as our compass My dear friend Amy reminded me recently that the verb persevere means to keep moving forward when it’s really really hard and we really want to give up. 

I realized that, for me, to persevere means no longer needing to conform and embracing uncertainty. What we may have created as safety in our society can damage our nervous systems. There is no need to fight the system, ourselves or anyone else. And when we trust ourselves, we know that we will fall down. But as we get up, again and again, we will discover a different path that is our own. Because we are courageous enough to be comfortable with the unknown. 

No one has walked in our shoes in the same way we choose and never will. We may give our shoes away and the next person will wear them and imprint the world in a unique way. No two paths or lives, just like leaves on a tree, are ever the same.

Ralph Waldo Emerson always reminds us that “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

Stepping in by Stepping Out

Throughout our lives, we are taught not to quit. Especially when we’re in toxic relationships like having a boss, a friend or a partner who may bully us. We often see the signs of unhealthy behavior but stay longer than we’d like to admit. 

Because we have been taught to hang in there and prove something? Who taught us that it is more important not to hurt someone else and suffer through horrible experiences?

But when it comes to toxic workplaces and relationships, we have options. We can put ourselves first. It’s healthy to express what we need. And there is no need to persevere in situations where we are bullied or judged harshly. We have choices.

We can walk away from what does not serve us. And  once we have the courage to do it, we become aware of our power and strength. 

As we walk away, we gain clarity regarding what we are walking towards. By doing so, we become aware that we are here to create meaning.

This is a time to focus on our gifts and abilities. We can become our own advocates by expressing our authentic voice. Once we fully value ourselves, we can make a huge difference in our life and those who accept us as who we are.

Imagine waking up every day excited about exploring what’s possible and focused on our greatest opportunities. And then getting to work and play with our true calling in a world that supports us and allows us to thrive.

Our hearts remind us of our deep connection to the land that sustains us and all that we are capable of in this lifetime. 

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