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When Do We Believe Enough is Enough?

Jul 20, 2023 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

Enough is Enough - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

When do we believe enough is enough? It’s a question only we can ask ourselves.

We often see history repeating itself. The patterns continue until we understand why. But understanding needs healthy perspectives and a willingness to break free. It needs readiness, and not everyone is ready.

Ever noticed how history tends to loop? How the oppressed often end up as the oppressors, and the same stories keep cropping up? It’s because it’s our history and what we know. But remember, it doesn’t have to stay this way when we trek into the world of opportunity in the unknown.

Today, many call out fake news, fake leaders, fake work and fake love. It’s easier to point fingers and blame others. It’s harder to take responsibility, to realize our part in the story, even in history.

The opportunity to say enough is enough is right in front of us. It’s always been here. Maybe we’ve just forgotten how truly powerful we are. We seek time in nature, forgetting we are part of it. Even in a big city, what we have mostly comes from nature, unless it’s been modified.

Curious and creative people have made things for us to enjoy our time on this earth school. Now, we need to create healthy lives. And Systems that uplift us and others. Can we define what a meaningful community is? Because we’ve forgotten.

As conscious leaders of the 21st century, we know it’s an incredible time to be alive. We understand why history repeats when we turn down the noise. We can say “enough is enough” and do our part without slinging mud, or we can just watch history repeat itself.

I remember being at the Genocide Museum in Rwanda with Hital Muraj. A survivor we worked with guided us. In the last room, a sign read, “Never Again.” It struck me that this genocide happened during my lifetime. The guide pointed to a grave of 250,000 people, unsure if his sister lay among them.

My great grandparents chose to stay in Austria, the country they loved, even after losing a son in World War I. Years later, while I was studying in Jerusalem, my great aunt visited. Together, we found records of the concentration camp where my great grandparents, and her parents, met their end. I’ll never know if they held on to the belief that Austria, a cultured land of composers and intellectuals, could never allow such horrors.

Just the other day, someone asked me if AI is evil. I reminded them that humans, not some other force, created AI. Just as we created concentration camps, wars, divisions, music, community and language. These are all human creations. So, what we choose to create during our time on Earth matters greatly. Perhaps, the first step is to stop warring within ourselves and discover our beauty?

And both you and I know what’s truly abundant. It’s love and trust. First with ourselves and then, in community connected by trust. 

A lot happens when we learn to lead and create with purpose. As Albert Einstein said in “My Credo” in 1932, even though he was a loner, his sense of belonging to the unseen community striving for truth, beauty, and justice kept him from feeling alone.

So, when enough is enough, what happens? This guiding question waits for us, ready for when we’re prepared to create anew and break away from what and who no longer serve us. And maybe our own personal enough is enough to create with love. 

By shedding unhealthy attachments, you may discover you gain more of what you truly need.

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