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October 2022 Forecast

Sep 29, 2022 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

October 2022 Forecast - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Working as a futurist means putting a stake in the ground about where we’re headed and what’s possible for the next few years and of course, October 2022. My body of work focuses on opportunities and possibilities from a human perspective. As you know, I believe many of us are being asked to heal ourselves, our communities and our planet right now from the inside out.

And by doing so we begin to create healthy systems—from regenerative business to agriculture, government, education and wellness. Only we know what we need moving forward as this is a time of great questioning. This means understanding how powerful we each are as creators who see opportunities instead of problems. Dialogue, connection and love are energies we are slowly tapping into to build the new world that is emerging. 

The last few months have been very intense for many of us. We are becoming increasingly aware that our jobs may be very different than what we are expected do to make a living as we chart a path of wellbeing on the planet. Some things continue to fall apart as we navigate this historic time. We may even be in need for some rest and reflection.

Yesterday’s post on Human Decency is foundational for October 2022 and the coming months. Relationships and how we get along with ourselves and each other come into play this coming month as our main focus as we practice discernment. 

Our Relationships Matter

We are starting to become aware that love is a lot deeper than romantic relationships and our heart is here to help us navigate ourselves. One of the questions to consider this October is: can we be loving toward ourselves and can we let go of our fear, anger, anxiety, stress, resentment, suffering or judgment? Is there an overly negative or toxic person, activity or situation in our lives that we need to extract? And maybe, it is a voice in our head that isn’t ours that is causing us great suffering?

It’s up to us to decide to limit contact with people, places, energies or activities that pull us down. And if we are overly busy and stressed about filling our days with activities, we might miss an opportunity to make space in our hearts. And that space is for caring, trusted and fulfilling relationships that truly matter. Do we know what and who truly brings us joy and adds great value to our wellbeing?

As a business, a key question to consider is: what relationships are thriving and are there any draining our resources?

We will have plenty of opportunities to practice discernment this month. The more discerning we become, the less likely we are to tolerate unhealthy aspects of life like conflict, frantic busyness and suffering.

Tuning into Our Hearts this October

Many of us are craving more quiet time, away from the noisy mainstream. We are also becoming discerning about the source of the food we consume and the news, shows and films we bring into our lives. October is the perfect time to practice our consistency in building trust with ourselves and each other. We are becoming more conscious when it comes to what and who we believe.

We also need to be aware that in nature, change flows and takes time. It cannot be demanded based on unnatural goals.  We need to remember that life is unpredictable and that being alive is often messy. There is no need to suffer when we can also consciously choose to thrive

Healing takes time and we can’t always change or remove something and expect immediate results. It’s not like taking a manmade pill for a headache that disappears in moments. It’s about understanding that we may be dehydrated and need to drink more water. Instead of buying into our fast food culture, we can go to the source of our problems and see opportunities. There is no need to rush when we have a healthy relationship with ourselves and practice kindness, forgiveness and compassion first with ourselves.

What if this is our opportunity to take responsibility for our health and wellbeing and by doing so we spread this energy into our world? 

Connecting with Ourselves this October

It takes courage to drop our armor so we can grow and evolve naturally. We can question why, for example, we are following someone else’s rules because we need their approval, validation or a job. And we realize that safety as comfort may be a delusion.

We are powerful beings and relationships start with knowing ourselves and being discerning about who we trust and bring into our lives. Not everyone is healthy for us. And as we discern, we become aware of who is super healthy for our wellbeing and we lift each other up like never before.

As we flow through October, we may consider picking a focus on relationships in our life. We may also choose to being more honest and giving attention to people we may have been taking for granted. We may want to examine our relationship with work, money and know our enough. And take only what we truly need. Getting grounded and connected to the land and nature that sustains us gives us the energy we need to build our foundation. 

Steve Jobs guides us, “Follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

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