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Taking the Leap?

Dec 2, 2022 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

The Big Leap - Ayelet Baron - Radical Trekking

Leap with Meaning

The big leap is here and it’s equally available to each of us. One of our greatest opportunities is to live our natural purpose as conscious leaders. Why? Because life is for the living and we are here to create meaningful experiences for ourselves and each other. Systems and relationships that embrace flow will continue to thrive.

As we become aware that everything we need is already here, we tap into ancient technologies like walking outdoors, chopping wood, dancing, dialogue, connection, trust, curiosity and creation. Whatever brings us deep meaning.

We have an opportunity to learn how to be at peace within ourselves. No longer lashing out in anger or fear. We unlearn and uncondition so we can leap with meaning.

Our paths take us beyond traditional teamwork and collaboration to truly creating amazing creations; alongside curious and imaginative people who share our purpose.

If we can’t make this leap, then what’s the point really?

The Foundation for the Leap

If you believe you are here to save this world, ask yourself if that is true. Perhaps you are here to heal your self and release your ancestral bonds? And by doing so, and following the laws of the universe, you will become aware that you are here to live a healthy life and create what you need?

With interconnection to digital technologies we can heal hearts, minds and relationships. There are so many exciting developments taking place in health and wellbeing, which will put people in the center of our health over the next 2-7 years.

As more of us have direct access to information, our health will finally become our responsibility. Integrating healthy technology into our lives will make a huge leap in our health. And we take a step toward relying less on experts and gurus. Because once we fully trust ourselves, we learn who to trust with our wellbeing. 

All it takes is stepping into our power to experiment and create what is needed.

Making A Leap

Today’s courageous pioneers are not heroes as we don’t need any more heroes. We simply have trail blazers awakening us to opportunities. And showing us what’s possible when we tap into our curiosity.

None seek fame or want to be on the covers of magazines as the sole focus is on a pure mission and purpose in life. And deep connection to co-creation is at the heart of it all.

Like most of us, we tap into our humanity and constantly grow and learn. There are about 560 million people (7%) right now on this new path and we are slowly finding each other. And we need curious creators who are living our truth authentically and vulnerably to live our purpose and co-create meaning on this beautiful planet.

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