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Feb 6, 2023 | Daily Trek, Unleash

On Our Intersection - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Every Intersection is A Story

What if every intersection we face is an opportunity? Aristotle reminds us that “At the intersection where your gifts, talents, and abilities meet a human need. Therein you will discover your purpose.”

In no order, here are some reflections that are available to each of us. So, here goes …

#1—The Intersection of Discernment

  • Perhaps the healer who promises to tell us what’s in store for us in the future doesn’t have a clue about their own path? Have you ever wondered whether we’re all a bit psychic? Are we aware of experts who bend the truth to benefit themselves? Maybe it matters greatly who we trust and whether our beliefs are our own.
  • What can happen when we listen to our own truth that may have buried inside of us? What if we no longer needed to  compare ourselves to anyone else? Perhaps we get to do our own design, experiment and let whatever comes emerge?
  • Maybe we plunge into an ice bath every once in a while to get our blood flowing? But what if we don’t want it to be a place for work meetings because we no longer assign importance to being cool and trendy?
  • Is it time to simply feel and get to the source of everything or to follow the crowd and be told what’s important? Perhaps hype no longer fulfills us and we explore our own paths?

#2—The Intersection of Experts

  • Maybe that healer everyone is talking about is actually running a cult and the workshops we are invited to pay thousands of dollars for are really a scam? And maybe this intersection simply teaches us important lessons that no one has our answers?
  • Do we need to fly to Brazil to be blessed by the chosen one or is no one really coming to save us?
  • Could it be that the man everyone celebrates is taking people’s money and not providing any returns? Because when it’s too good to be true, it’s often not true? Maybe we need to be aware that everything is as it is hyped?
  • Do we need an authority figure with a title to pressure us to be successful every day and win? Can we perhaps connect with a trusted community that supports us as we are and focus on our needs?  And, are we aware of what we want to create while we are here instead of what is expected of us? 
  • Are we ready to talk about the creation of systems we truly need and take some steps to trusting ourselves to make them real?

#3—The Intersection of Health

  • Do we need to have ‘to do’ lists and crush it every day? Perhaps it’s healthy to take a walk on the beach, enjoy a cup of tea or let out a gigantic private loud scream to release everything? Maybe we also discover rest and pausing as our allies?
  • Can we simply eat healthy sourced food and move every day or do we need to count our steps and share them with everyone? What relationship do we want to have with our body? 
  • How about routines: are they healthy for us? Do we want to wake up at 5 am because an influencer or a guru set the bar for us or do we set our own rhythm? Who cares if we are an early bird or a late bird; when we are neither catching worms or burning any fires?
  • What if our heartbreaks are not as severe as we imagined? Could it be that when we stay in toxic situations, the cost of walking through the rivers of pain is high. But maybe we end up in rivers of inner peace once we let go of people and situations no longer aligned with us?
  • Does it really matter what people think of us?

At the Crossroads

Maybe our hearts are whispering to us to face ourselves? When we are aware of what our enough is when it comes to every aspect of our lives from money to people, we can simply be. And see this trek as natural experiments and experiences of the heart. 

Is it time to embrace this moment and understand that we don’t need to seek or search all the time? Everything is already here. When we are conscious, we can visit our inner sanctuary and seize our opportunities to become whole, healthy and whatever we choose. But it takes guts and heart to be bold and curious in real life.

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